How to Pack Glassware and Fragile, Delicate Items

How to Pack Glassware and Fragile, Delicate Items

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Relocation to a new house or office space can be a daunting and strenuous ordeal, though the task can be simplified and made easy with proper planning. Safely moving all your belongings to your new address is the goal of this entire process. All of our clients’ residential  belongings always contain glassware and other fragile, delicate items. These objects can get damaged very easily if you don’t take the proper precaution and care in handling and packaging them. Applying certain measures will greatly reduce any chance whatsoever of these items ever getting the slightest damage or of being broken during packing and shipping. In this blog, we provide you with the vital steps necessary to help you avoid such mishaps. We have listed these tips below, so please go through them and become a proactively precautious expert packer of fragile items who prevents irreversible damages to your precious valuable items: 

  • First, you should wrap the item with a single layer of paper packing. Then put multiple layers of bubble wrap on it.
  • Selection of separate boxes according to the size of the items is very essential. Always remember that trying stuff all of these items in a single box can very easily cause damage. On the contrary when you pack these items separately in small boxes you have more complete safety and security.
  • Cushion the bottom of these boxes by filling it with a layer of packaging material. You should also fill in the empty spaces in the boxes with packaging material to avoid any sort of movement of the item during transportation.
  • Use strip tapes both to pack and to seal these packing boxes. Do not forget to label the boxes containing delicate items with a big (preferably red) “Very FRAGILE contents” advisory.
  • To be extra careful at all times when handling such items; you can choose to use the double boxing method as well. This will further help save the items from damage that can be caused due to the moving shocks and vibration endured during transportation.
  • The boxes containing fragile items should always be kept at the safest place of the moving vehicle, on top of the heavy, sturdy belongings but preferably on top of your clothing items/boxes. You must always be mindful to remember to take special care of the boxes labelled fragile while handling them during loading and unloading.

Applying these measures will definitely help you prevent and avoid any damage from being caused to your fragile items. But the surest, most viable option for you is to wisely opt for the professional assistance offered by packers and movers if you can afford to. These days there are several moving companies that provide services to fulfill your requirements related to moving. Due to the increase in demand the number of such companies has increased as well. To find the best service available, do some research before hiring one. In the event you are looking for premier packing and moving services in Santa Barbara or the areas nearby, do yourself a great big favor by wisely relying on Aussie Moving with confidence. With good reason we have been the first pick of so many happy and satisfied loyal clients and all their loved ones. Aussie Moving in Santa Barbara, CA, is a one-stop packing, moving and storage center that provides nothing but top-quality, time saving services at the most reasonable prices around. To know more on Aussie Moving, please visit our website. Worried about relocation? Do not worry while we are here at your service by your side,having your back and handling EVERYTHING for you, taking all the stress of moving and making it ours. Aussie Moving’s responsibleness, reliability and timeliness are also unmatched, and we are certified and insured.

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