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Moving Can Be Stressful!

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Moving in general can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Even though it can be quite stressful, a move can also give you a chance to start fresh and enjoy new beginnings. Yet, your excitement may turn quickly into a nightmare if you find property damage when moving. To help avoid property damage when moving consider some tips from Aussie Moving.

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Recognize adequate packing

Smart Packing can safeguard all your possessions during moving. All you need is some heavy-duty boxes with adequate padding inside (paper or bubblewrap). Make sure not to place too many items in one box and place heavier items in smaller boxes. This will make it much easier to carry during the move. Also, make sure to disassemble heavy and large furniture and cover any sharp edges or protruding items. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid the potential risk of accidental damage during the relocation process.

Make use of appropiate moving equipment

If you’re planning to move on your own, making use of proper equipment is essential to avoid damage to your property and to avoid injuring yourself. Moving equipment helps you protect your furniture pieces against scratches, dents, and other forms of damage. Below is a list of the most common equipment used by professional movers:

  • Lifting straps – When you’re carrying heavy items, lifting straps (forearm forklift) can make your task much easier and safer.
  • Furniture pads – Using these pads (thick blankets) enable you to move around furniture pieces without damaging the floor or the item itself.
  • Dolly – With this kind of equipment (2 or 4 wheel dolly), you can prevent heavy or oversized items from falling or dropping which may cause possible breakages or dents.
  • Shrink Wrap – Roll of plastic that secures the drawers and cabinet doors to protect from any damage. Also used to protect fabric furniture.

Protect your floors

Use floor runners or area rugs to protect wood and tile floors, especially in high traffic areas. Moving quality floor runners can typically be purchased at hardware stores and online retailers. Protect your carpet by layimng a carpet mask (similar to shrink wrap) that provides a reliable layer of protection from dirt. Floor runners and mask often come in 200′ rolls and have a self adhesive to prevent movement on moving day.

Hire professional help

Movers are well-trained at providing help during a move. They know exactly how to handle all sorts of furniture pieces. Using their experience and skills, professionals like Aussie Moving are experienced in preventing damage to your household belongings. Remember, getting a moving company to assist you can save you from the cost of damage to property as well as the cost of buying or renting the equipment needed. Aussie Moving is fully equipped to provide a solution to transport and protect your belongings.

Keep some more good moving tips in mind

Aside from the tips mentioned above, your property will be well-safeguarded by considering the following bonus tips:

  • Plan the move ahead of time before taking the first step. If you’re unsure how to perform something, don’t execute it unless you’ve figured out a safe method of doing it.
  • Be patient and don’t rush things for no good reason. Even if you’re in a hurry, you should stay focused and calm to avoid property damage.
  • Take measurements of the doors and spaces where you’ll move your items through. Consider the angle and best method of hauling large possessions.
  • Remove items from the drawers and cupboards to ensure no objects will fall out of them.
  • Clear any obstacle that may be blocking your way – to ensure you will not trip over a small item along the way.
  • Recruit much-needed help with all the lifting or hauling from your family, friends, and relatives.
  • Remember to take breaks and relax periodically.


Following these tips and you’ll be able to take the required safety precautions to avoid property damage during your relocation. Since damage to property can be a real threat when moving, it’s essential to do everything in your power to avoid it before it’s too late.


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