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Moving Over the Holidays

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Moving during the holidays can be hectic, but here are some great ways to have fun and reduce the stress!

Thousands of families manage to make the transition every year—and they do it without giving up on their most important holiday traditions. Here’s how.

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Moving on a Holiday

In some situations, you might not just have a home in transition during the holidays—you might literally be in transit. Nothing sounds lonelier than being in a motel during a holiday – unless it’s a planned vacation. Schedule a holiday stopover someplace fun and plan to spend the day together. Many tourist areas are used to holiday vacationers, so if there’s anything remotely touristy between your old and new homes, turn it into two-day respite from your move. 

Unpacking During the Holidays

If you’ve already moved and are facing a holiday season full of unpacked boxes, half-finished DIY projects, and the stress of relocation, it might be a little more difficult to boost your cheer levels. We recommend you take one room in your house and turn it into your holiday retreat. Put up a small tree, unpack your decorations, and celebrate the way you usually do—and don’t worry about the rest of the house.

You can also use this time to experience a different kind of holiday, one that focuses less on home and more on adventure. Get out and explore all the seasonal offering your new city has to offer. Plan a holiday vacation for a change of pace and stress-free family time. Give yourselves a gift like hiring someone to come organize your closets or unpack for you—so you can spend your time doing the things you really want.

Leaving Home During the Holidays

If you’re packing up your home during the holidays, then plan on packing up the decorations last. Since you’re already digging around in the storage unit and closets, now is a good time to pull out everything remotely holiday-related. In fact, keep it for a few more weeks even if it’s something you plan on tossing out before you move. There’s nothing more fun or festive than a home that’s virtually empty except for holiday decorations.

If at all possible, use your home’s new empty spaces to your advantage. This is the last time you’ll be celebrating the holidays in this house, so make it count. Leave the huge dining room table and invite everyone you know over for a last meal. Hang up all your children’s decorations in chronological order along empty walls. Transform the bedrooms into winter wonderlands that you can take down the next day.

If these ideas exhaust you, then use this holiday season to focus on another important feature: family. Don’t be afraid to invite yourself over to a loved one’s house for the holidays this year, even if it means you have to travel several hundred miles and stay a few nights to do it. It may not be the holiday you’re used to, but this moment of togetherness could make a huge difference in your holiday experience.

Moving during the holiday season may feel overwhelming at first but the key is to stay organized and begin the planning process well ahead of time. 


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