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Need Help Moving a Piano?

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Pianos come in many different sizes and are one of the most popular musical instruments in the world.

When it comes to pianos I like to break them down into two main categories – upright pianos and grand pianos.

Below we have provided the steps to moving a upright or grand piano.

We have included an instructional video for moving grand pianos 

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Firstly to move an Upright Piano!

You will need at least two strong bodies to move a piano because they weigh anywhere from four hundred to a thousand pounds.

You will need a furniture or piano dolly (you can carry but not recommended).

You will need some blankets and shrink wrap to protect it.

You will need a moving truck or moving van.

Lastly you will need some rope ties so you can tie off the piano to the wall of moving truck.

How to Move a Upright Piano?

Okay so basically to move that upright piano you just need to lift it up onto a piano dolly.

Make sure to have one person on either end and keep both hands on the piano.

Then roll it out to the moving van or truck.

Take it off the dolly.

Then tie it off on the wall and make sure it is secure.

Then when you arrive at the new location you place the piano back on the dolly.

Then you roll it to your new location and take it off the dolly.

To Move a Grand Piano you need a little more Equipment and some Expertise!

You will need two to four strong bodies (depnding on size of piano – baby or concert grand)

You need a piano skid board (piano skid board is basically a six to eight foot long padded board)

You will need at least five to eight blankets (to cover piano, legs and pedals) and some shrink wrap.

You will need a piano or furniture dolly (we recommend a dolly with rigid wheels for better stability and control).

You need some tools to take the petals and legs off (flathead or phillips screwdriver, allen wrenches, or socket wrenches).

You will need a moving truck or moving van.

Then you will also need some rope ties to secure the piano to the wall.

How to Prep, Break Down and Move a Grand Piano?

Firstly, we want to make sure you move the piano away from the wall or any other items to give yourself plenty of room to work with.

Put two to three blankets over the top of the piano to cover the top and sides – use shrink wrap to secure those blankets on there and for extra protection.

As you look at the piano you can see the keyboard which is one straightedge and then along the left side is the other straightedge which is where we’re going to place the piano on the skid board.

Then you need to remove the pedals – it’s important that we take the pedals off because that gives us more room to pivot over to the side. 

Once the pedals come off move along over to the left leg and remove it – make sureyou have a person to help balance the piano.

Then we’ll be able to tilt it on its side onto the skid board and lift onto board.

Once the piano is balanced on board go ahead and remove the rest of the legs (we recommend that your label each leg as you take them off so you can replace them in the same place. Also wrap each leg and pedals in a blanket with its own hardware).

Then secure the piano to the skid board with straps.

Then lift up and pivot from one end and place a piano dolly underneath the skid board.

Then roll out to the truck with at least one person on either end and make sure you keep both hands on it at all times.

Then use the ramp to roll up onto truck (if your truck is equipped with a liftgate its much easier).

Now once you get the piano inside the truck you need to take it off the dolly (do not leave on dolly).

Last thing we want to do is secure it to the wall with rope ties.

Then when you arrive at the new location you place the piano back on the dolly.

Then you roll it to the new location and take it off the dolly.

Then reassemble by placing all the legs back except the left one (replace the pedals because this helps shortens the distance and with balance).

Then you tip over the piano onto the 2 legs and pedals.

Lastly replace the left leg.

As reminder – when you move a piano it’s always recommended to have it re-tuned.

Now if you need help moving a piano or any other household furniture please give us a call 8054566498


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