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The Basic Equipment inside of our Moving Trucks

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It’s Paul Luoma with Aussie Moving in Santa Barbara and we like to help people take the stress out of the moving process. Today we’re inside one of our moving trucks and going over just some of the basic items we have inside of the Moving van.

Firstly, we have a moving blanket it’s about 5 and 1/2 feet by 6 and 1/2 feet, quite thick and we usually have around 70 to 80 of these on each truck to help protect your belongings.

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Then we have shrink wrap – plastic wrap we use to go around your furniture to protect and keep it secure.

Then we have these great big rubber bands. We use these to go around your furniture to secure blankets on there and also to secure the doors and drawers. 

Okay we also have our straps that we use – 1 inch webbing and usually about 12 feet long. We use these straps to secure your belongings inside the truck. 

Then we also have a toolbox with plenty of tools in case we need to take any of your furniture or belongings apart.

Then we have a wardrobe box – typically we have about 4 of these on the truck and this is just an easy way to transfer your hanging clothes. 

Then we have the box dolly or a hand truck, basically we use these to move boxes and some of your furniture. We usually have about 2 of these on the truck. 

And then also we have the four dolly with 4 swivel wheels and it’s carpeted. We use this to typically move tables, dresses and stuff like that. 

So basically that’s the basic essentials we carry on the truck. Our trucks have plenty of other supplies and moving equipment but this is just a list of the basic essentials.

Just keep in mind if you need help moving or you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 8084566498 or our visit our website at 


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