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What are the 4 Most Common Moving Boxes?

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Aussie Moving likes to help people take the stress out of moving process.

I’m going to go over some tips on boxes and the tape dispenser.

So first let’s start off with the tape dispenser. I’ll go over a couple of components on the tape gun.

You’ve got the flap that helps press the tape to the box.

We have the teeth that cuts the tape.

Then there is the little metal guide that we just want to flip the back until we insert the tape.

Then we have a nob or dial in the middle of the spinning wheel. Typically when you get the dispenser this is loose.

What I like to do is tighten this as tight as you can. Makes it easier to use because of the extra tension and pull – adjust to your liking.

When inserting the tape you need to make sure you have the tape facing the correct way. Just visualize and confirm that tape is feeding anti-clockwise.

Once you have the tape inserted push the metal flap back down.

Okay so let’s go over the most common boxes.

Book box or 1.5 (side of box you can see one and a half stripes) heavy stuff like books, files, papers, records, canned goods and etc.

Medium moving box or 3.0 (side of box you can see three stripes) clothes, toys, linens and mostly lighter stuff. DO NOT fill this box with books and other heavy items.

Large moving box or 4.5 (side of box you can see four and a half stripes) linens, toys, blankets, clothes, small appliances and etc. DO NOT fill this box with books and other heavy items.

Dish pack or 5.0 (side of box you can see five stripes) this is a nice thick box, its double lined. Used for dishes, platters, glassware and etc.

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Now let’s go over some tips.

With new boxes you will see a couple tabs at the top corners of the box.

You need to have the box so that the tabs are in the middle. Fold over (this will be the top or lid).

Then open up the box and fold in the bottom and secure with tape. We like to place 3 strips of tape. (middle first and then a strip overflapping on both sides of the middle strip)

When box is taped with the flaps folded over it’s easier to tell where the top is and the edges are smooth.

Frequently people will get the box and tape it with rough ends out or just break of the tabs. The end of the bos is rough and can actually rub or cut you skin.

Also, kind of hard to guide exactly where the top of box is.

The great thing about using actual moving boxes is that it keeps the size and shapes of boxes similar therefore making it easier for loading on the handtruck and inside of the moving truck. When there is a variety of boxes in many different shapes and sizes it can make it difficult to stack on handtruck and inside of moving truck. (eg lots of different shapes stack like the Leaning Tower of Pisa).

Okay, so for my last tip.

When your packing boxes you are not going to be able to just sit down. You will be moving around and grabbing items to place in the box.

When the box is on the ground it can become comfortable leaning all the way over. Make it easier on yourself by raising the box of the ground. Either stack the box your packing on top of another box or piece of furntiure. This will allow you to reach and place items in – instead of having to lean and bend over.

So that’s some of the tips I had for you today with boxes and the tape gun.

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