What is a certificate of insurance for moving?
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What is a Certificate of Insurance for moving?

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If you are planning a move within Santa Barbara County from or into a building or condo, you may be asked to get a Certificate of Insurance or COI from the moving company. Most of the property and building management companies in the Santa Barbara area require these certificates as proof that the moving company is insured. They don’t want to be held liable for any damage that might occur on their property as a result of moving activities.

This means that you should make sure your moving company has this certificate prior to moving day. Any company that does not produce the certificate will not be allowed in any building requesting it. Imagine all of that preparation for your move completely down the drain and scrambling to find a last minute moving solution. What a nightmare!

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What does a Certificate of Insurance cover?

Most certificates of insurance cover liability insurance, automotive liability, workers compensation and cargo insurance. Most building managers require two million dollars per move so you want to not only check that your moving company has a certificate, but also that it is for the proper amount. Aussie Moving is proud to offer two million dollar COIs for your move to make your moving day as stress-free as possible.

Does Everyone Need a Certificate of Insurance to Move in Santa Barbara?

You will need to check with your building’s property management to see if a COI is required. Most buildings in Santa Barbara need one in order to protect their property. You might be able to check your move-in paperwork to see if one is mentioned. Oftentimes, they will even give you a template with the information that should be included. So, your paperwork is probably the first place to start. Make sure you mention that the COI is required when you call to schedule your move. It’s one more thing that can cause a delay for your moving day as your movers will not be allowed to enter the building without it.

What’s in a Certificate of Insurance?

There are several pieces of information in the COI that the building manager will want to see. First, it states that the movers are insured, and it shows that they have insurance for that specific building. It will have the address of the property you are either moving into or out of. Then it goes into more detail about what is covered and how the certificate should be used. This gives the building manager peace of mind that any damage will be covered by the insurance company.

What Happens if There is Damage on Moving Day?

Aussie Moving’s experienced and top-quality movers are trained to avoid causing any type of damage. But we know that sometimes, accidents do occur. There could be a scrape on a wall, or a mark on a floor during the busy hustle of the day. Once we see damage, we take responsibility. After all, that’s what insurance is for. We meet the minimum state requirements for liability so if there is any problem, you or your building manager can contact us. We sometimes choose to pay for repairs ourselves, or we might submit an insurance claim.

How to Take Care of the Certificate of Insurance

First, ask your building or property manager for the building you are leaving and/or moving into for a sample COI. They usually keep these on hand, but if they don’t supply it, you can just get the certificate holders, and any additional insured. Then, the certificate will also list the person that the certificate is issued to. So, you’ll need their name, email address, office phone, office address, and fax number.

One thing you can do to be extra sure your COI gets where it needs to go is to request it be emailed to you. That way, if your building manager says they never received it, you have a copy to show.

The other thing you want to do is to check the COI coverage. If a moving company’s insurance doesn’t cover the amount required for your building, that could be a huge problem on moving day.

For a moving company that will stay on top of the COI for your moving day, choose Aussie Moving Inc. Get in touch with us today to get a free instant quote!


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